Vice President of Operations

Jill has worked in the marketing and advertising business for almost twenty years. During this time, she has put her creative, operations and writing skills to work for power-house consumer brands such as Krispy Kreme, Thomasville Furniture, California Olive Ranch, No nonsense and Thundershirt. She has developed a sixth sense for finding and hiring vendors who can help our clients manufacture and produce just about anything, on time and, often, under budget.

At Blink, Jill puts her experience and resourcefulness to work by developing and implementing dynamic programs, campaigns and other forward-thinking solutions for our clients. She strongly believes in the power of brand consistency and our clients depend on her to manage the details that uphold their brand integrity across all marketing formats.

Jill enjoys the diverse aspects of agency work, from client relations to brainstorming to concept development to production of ideas, whether printed, coded, emailed or constructed. Her utmost passion is writing. She loves the challenge of crafting pinpoint messages for ads, brochures, websites, headlines, tag lines, and such, based on our clients’ objectives.

Jill has an AA degree in business management from Bauder College in Atlanta. She is a proud mom, loves sports, journals daily and plays tennis every chance she gets.