Our People

The leadership team at Blink has been together for a long time. Combined, we have decades of executive level marketing experience at major brands and account management skills honed at several different creative agencies. We always tap our team’s collective intelligence for every client while still giving the one-on-one service that makes dealing with Blink so unique (and, we hope, so pleasant). Most of our clients become our friends and we value the long-term relationships we build with the people who choose us as their marketing allies.

DINA COKER, Founder and CEO

Dina started Blink in 2003 and applied her entrepreneurial spirit to create the agency from the ground up. She offers years of practical business experience and opens her unparalleled network of contacts to assist every Blink client. Dina is passionate about customer service and spends a great deal of her time on the road ensuring we meet the always-increasing standards we set for ourselves.

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JILL ELAM, Vice President of Operations

Jill brings her positive outlook, sense of humor and classic agency savvy to the group along with lots of years of experience. She becomes her clients’ most important partner and develops deep, lasting relationships with the people who count on her every day. Jill’s network of contacts comes in handy for all of Blink’s customers who need something built, printed, assembled, shipped, or otherwise brought to life.

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KAREN HOWLAND, Vice President of Marketing

Karen’s experience in the marketing departments of major apparel brands comes in handy for her clients. She immerses herself in her clients’ businesses and essentially becomes their offsite V.P. of Marketing. She’s speed dial #1 for her accounts and lives and works for the success of their businesses as enthusiastically as they do.

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TRISH MARTIN, Vice President of Communications and Outreach

After spending many years in marketing strategy and communications at major branded apparel companies, Trish knows what it’s like to be on the “other side of the desk.” That experience makes her a sympathetic, resourceful partner for her clients. She can wear the agency hat as well as the client hat and get the best of both sides for her accounts.

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KELLY SALGER, Vice President and Creative Director

Kelly is the creative genius behind Blink. Her ability to see down to a brand’s essence and pull it through to a beautiful, consistent, impactful visual message is unparalleled. Kelly leads a team with boundless creativity which is rooted in strategy and practicality. Kelly delivers designs guaranteed to “wow!” and shine in every application where they are used.

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Barth Getto, Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Barth Getto’s roots are deeply planted in the flooring industry where he has served numerous sales and leadership roles at companies such as Shaw Industries, Gulistan, World of Floors FCA Network, and CCA Global Partners.

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